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Radio Spergantenne
Lotgenoten 3

Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo, NL.

What do you know about the asparagus antenna from Venlo?

At the Zomerparkfeest, Radio Spergantenne produces a program in which stories come together about aspargus and art. Via a random match generator from Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, the participating artists were linked to works from the VBVD depot (Pieter Defesche, Jef Diederen, Brenda Hartier en Marianne van der Heijden. ). According to the museum, it was time that the works hidden deep in their depot also received the attention they deserve. There was quite a bit of uncertainty about a particular work from this selection: a donation to the museum related to the Pope factory, which appeared to be a work of art in the shape of an asparagus. Afterwards it turned out that this work did not only have a decorative function only. After research and with the help of Sef Derkx, it turned out that this sculpture also contained a 'transmission' function. The story was therefore almost directly related to the bunker located under the former VBVD museum (now Mout), where part of the VBVD depot was once stored. Was the shape of the aspargus just a camouflage to hide the antenna? Much is still unclear, but in order to gain more information about this, we presented this to the ears and mouths of the Venlo residents who visit Zomerparkfeest. What a pile!

After the festival, a scaled down re-enactment scenery was on view in the museum itself. For the selected pictures on this website the mini visitors were temporarily on the move. An excerpt from this eight-hour radio show can be listened to in the link below (bottom).

Jeen Brouwer (2004, Maastricht)
Bart Kelleter (2001, Heerlen)
Dean Kisters (1996, Heerlen)
Mike Moonen (1990, Heerlen)