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Everything is on the one
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam                                      



Everything is on the One is a Gesamtkunstwerk with continuous dynamics, where always something is happening.A big continuous build-up with space for  performance, dj set, artist talk, poetry recital, artists at work or just somebody hosting and open for conversation.

Everything is on the One uses the concept of unity, a totality, the full circle, the Ouroboros. The title of the show refers to this idea but seen from a funky point of view. Made legendary by James Brown and George Clinton, among others.
The One is the collective rhythm that takes the music to a cosmic level. Each individual rhythm is important for the total session. This requires a certain openness to cooperation from each participant. Everyone's unique talent is used to collectively rise above themselves.

This place for experimentation, failure, success, discussion will merge into a pulsating energy and allows the audience to experience and be part of that “Oneness”.

Participating artists: Kenneth Aidoo, Jannes van Arkel, Rowan van As, Salim Bayri, Guido Beeldstroo, Marcel van den Berg, Vincent de Boer, Tim Breukers, Attila Buonsenso, Indigo Deijman, Savic Emilio, Maurice van Es, Paraskevi Frasiola, G, Paula Garcia Sans, Giek_1, Kiana Girigorie, Aram de Groot, Tabe Hemmes, Kimball Holt, Sam Janssen, Klasey Jones, Frederique Jonker, Steven Jouwersma, Alban Karsten, Charlotte Koenen, Lee McDonald, Kubilay Mert Ural, Paul Mogwitz, Mike Moonen, Bernice Nauta, Sander van Noort, Henny Overbeek, Emma Penders, Tycho Posthumus, Lisette Ros, Fraser Stewart, Donatas Tretjakovas, Rebecca Treur, Robbert Weide, Phantom Wizard, Amrith de Zoete, Anouk van Zwieten and many more

Organised by Frederique Jonker, Sander van Noort, Marcel van den Berg and Mike Moonen.


Do 7 Los DQ time 3.04 pm  UITLEGG  On Klederdralt

Why boil your shoe?

Look:  next level is of course : how to deal with your couture ?
Now-a-days fashionlovers do a little bit of cut and glue and a lot of second hand and hoppa that’s it !

But not LOSDQ ! We will tell you :  we let it 'Kühmen' , old-age desperation …can I let my clothes suffer?
A hole in my pant is not enough! Get into the fabric innit.

Do not ignore your own sense of whatever , I forgot.

You are a knight of your own time!  It is time to get your shoes out of the closet and make it happen.

One at the time , just like the sandwiches.

Into the water , 100degrees, boily, boily     destilation to  destination:  lekker smell!

In the end you will find out why this is very good for your nature…

( we love uitleg , uitleg is hot!)

And here is one quote by the mother of all shoe-boilers Shanana Williams :

“ At first there was nothing ..just a small wuft of ur .
Then a giant Nike parked inside my doorstep ; the big toe came in , hello it said.
I put the kettle on . The Nike looked at me . I had to laugh. “

Thank you

Yours cinserelyleyrelery
R. Moon  submaganarger  second door left losDQ  

special thanks to Enzo!

Shoeslick stack by Sander van Noort and surrounding paintings by Sander and Marcel van den Berg.

Everything is one showverview