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Bruni Getsing
traveling series ‘ trouble’

When I think back to how my interest in drawing and painting arose, I remember exactly that. Somewhere around the age of 12 I had to go to the attic of my parental home for some stuff and found a small painting among the clutter. It depicted a cowboy tying the reins of his horse to the laces of his shoes. The painting was signed with my father's name. Certainly not a masterpiece, but somehow it made sense. Up to that point, I didn't even know my father had ever drawn anything. Later, when I asked my father about the painting in the living room, he waved it away as if he was ashamed of it. We never talked about it again after that. Still, that painting made quite an impression on me.

There was hardly any serious drawing or painting in my youth. With great pleasure I drew some melted ice creams and from time to time I painted a car tire first with my feet, later with my hands. My childhood years were mainly filled with my passion for refrigerators and fishing on dry land. For many years I spent well over 1500 hours a year on a lawn with a fishing rod within reach, basically an obsession. Fishing has now taken on a completely different place in my life. When circumstances prevented me from making time for my angling passion for a long period of time, I learned that there is more to life than rods and mud. Then I started painting again and started with, how could it be otherwise, portraits of cross-eyed people.

Instinctively I have always looked up to painting portraits and didn't really have the guts to get started. In the summer of 2007 I finally made a first attempt and made a painting of a female Bob Dylan. I liked the result of this first painting and I wanted more. In the meantime I have painted many portraits and a good number of people comfortable in need.